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EComparator 3000 Saybolt

The Lovibond® EComparator series provides an easy way to transition from subjective visual measurement to a non-subjective, accurate electronic measurement.

The user friendly ergonomics and intuitive interface guarantees new users can be quickly trained and easily supported. Large data storage (> 20,000 readings) and USB connectivity ensure readings can be stored and shared easily and quickly.
Flexibility is further enhanced with software packages for Windows® with multiple language support on-screen.
  • Immediate and accurate - straight from the box.
  • Guaranteed agreement with international standards.
  • Display results with on-screen colour and numerical options.
  • Digital, portable, push button technology.
  • Immediate reporting from lab or on-site.
  • 3 field comparator view and numeric results.

Aviation fuels, kerosene, naphthas, white mineral oils, hydrocarbon solvents, petroleum waxes.

Items supplied:
Validation liquid and 2 glass standards.
Technical Data:
Colour scale:SAYBOLT COLOUR (ASTM D 156, ASTM D6045)
Measuring range:- 16 to + 30
Cells:2 x 50 mm W100 plastic and 2 x 50 mm W100 OG
EComparator 3000 Saybolt  Tintometer®
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