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Washer-Disinfectors PG 8536

High-end washer-disinfectors for processing of laboratory glass.

Miele washer-disinfectors can be equipped with different injector units, baskets and inserts, for analytically pure processing of laboratory glass from the research field and products from analytical and preparative fields including microbiology and biotechnology.
  • Acc. to DIN EN ISO 15883.
  • Freely programmable control with 18 programmes.
  • Capacity / batch e. g. laboratory: 66 narrow-mouth glasses, 96 pipettes, 1600 test tubes.
  • Hot-air drying system.
  • Spray arm sensing.
  • 2 integrated dispenser pumps for surfactant, neutralising agent, optionally up to 5 dispenser pumps.
  • Ultrasound dispensing volume control.
  • Drawer for 4 x 5 l supply containers.
  • Option: conductivity module.
  • 3-phase connection.
  • Network interface for process documentation.
  • Automatic mobile unit recognition.
  • A0 value control.
  • Dimensions (W x H): 900 x 1175 mm.
  • External casing made of st. steel.
  • Serial interface for process documentation.
Washer-Disinfectors PG 8536  Miele
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
PG 8536 AE-AD-SSTAqua Destillata16346168-on demand 
PG 8536 AE-SST-AD-LFMAqua Destillata, conductivity control16067991-on demand 
PG 8536 AE-SST-AD-OELAqua Destillata, with oil- and grease-resistant seals167134420-on demand 
PG 8536 AE-SST-ADPAqua Destillata feed pump16344940-on demand 
Note: ADP version is required when demineralised water is available without pressure (min. 0.05 bar, max. 0.3 bar).