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Dosing Dispenser CleanSafe

Overhead dispenser system with user-friendly technology: a collapsible disposable package with Clean-Tip technology allows for drop-free dosing. The pre-installed disposable pump facilitates a fast bottle change and saves time in treatment. CleanSafe overhead dispenser systems are available as manual or touchless version in plastic or st. steel.
  • Suitable for collapsible, 1000 ml CleanSafe bottles with pre-installed disposable pumps.
Dosing Dispenser CleanSafe  HARTMANN
DescriptionMaterialPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
CleanSafe touchlessplastic15443510-48.88Order
CleanSafe basicplastic15443511-16.89Order
CleanSafe extra touchlessst. steel15443512-123.54Order
CleanSafe extrast. steel15443513-70.22Order
Gel hand sanitiser Sterillium Gel pure / Hartmann, Paul