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Laboratory Markers edding 8014 / 8015 F

For reliable marking in the lab. Suitable for precise and fine labelling of smooth and transparent surfaces such as microscope slides, reaction tubes, lab dishes and labels.
  • Ideal for use in laboratories of all industry sectors.
  • Permanent on plastics, removable from glass with cleaners containing alcohol.
  • Especially quick drying, smudge-proof, water- and light-resistant, odorless.
  • Very good frost-, heat- and abrasion resistance.
  • Extremely cold resistant down to - 183 °C.
  • Heat resistance up to 100 °C; on aluminium to 500 °C and extremely abrasion resistant.
Laboratory Markers edding 8014 / 8015 F
Laboratory Markers edding 8014 / 8015 FLaboratory Markers edding 8014 / 8015 FLaboratory Markers edding 8014 / 8015 FLaboratory Markers edding 8014 / 8015 FLaboratory Markers edding 8014 / 8015 F 
DescriptionTipPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Laboratory marker edding 80141.0 mm105444150-66.79Order
Spare tips 400 N for edding 80141.0 mm105444151-24.35Order
Laboratory marker edding 8015 F0.75 mm105444152-66.79Order
Spare tips 404 N for edding 8015 F0.75 mm105444153-24.35Order