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Pure Water Systems OmniaPure

The specialist. Für H2O pure type I.

When your need is for highest quality pure water that fulfils the demands of analytical and life science laboratory requirements, then one of these OmniaPure systems type will be right for you. You can configurate it. Flexible in function, economical in operation. The incorporated pre-treatment constantly ensures the reliability of your experimental results and reduces running costs.

As free laboratory space is mostly limited, 3 possibilities for system placement are given: wall-mount, bench-top or, to save bench space, in a base cabinet. The standard OptiFill dispenser and monitoring unit enables convenient and precise filling into laboratory vessels.
Type I
Conductivity:0.055 µS / cm
Resistance:18.2 MΩcm
Bacteria / particles (with end filter):< 1 CFU / ml
Technical Data
Operating pressure:0.5 to 6 bar
Mains supply:90 to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz
Connected load:0.1 kW
Connector size:hose d8 mm
Ambient temperature:2 to 35 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D):390 x 720* x 525 mm
OmniaPure UV / UF and UV / UF-TOC
Endotoxins:0.001 EU / ml
RNase:4 ng / ml
DNase:0.01 pg / µl
Pure Water Systems OmniaPure  stakpure
Pure Water Systems OmniaPure  stakpurePure Water Systems OmniaPure  stakpurePure Water Systems OmniaPure  stakpurePure Water Systems OmniaPure  stakpure  
TypeTOC value
l / min
ApplicationPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
OmniaPure5 to 10up to 219AAS, IC, ICP, buffers and media preparation15442790-4,303.20Order
OmniaPure UV1 to 5up to 220ultra-trace analysis, ICP-MS, HPLC, TOC-analysis15442791-4,972.00Order
OmniaPure UV-TOC1 to 5up to 220ultra-trace analysis, ICP-MS, HPLC, TOC-analysis15445129-5,447.20Order
OmniaPure UV / UF1 to 5up to 1.620life science and microbiology, cell culture media15442792-5,447.20Order
OmniaPure UV / UF-TOC1 to 5up to 1.620life science and microbiology, cell culture media15445130-5,922.40Order
TOC value and endotoxins in dependence on the feed-water quality.
* With OptiFill dispenser.