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Pure Water Systems OmniaLabDS

The dependable one. For H2O pure ASTM II + CLSI + DIN ISO 285.

When security is most important, when the highest quality of purified water is a necessity because it is decisive for the quality of your experimental results, then OmniaLabDS is the perfect solution. It guarantees obeying to international laboratory and medical technology water standards even for purified water performances of up to 80 l / h. The flexibility in the positioning of the purification modules enables OmniaLabDS to be used as mobile tower-unit on castors or be fitted in a base cabinet to save bench-top space. The combination of regenerable polisher cartridges and special emergency and high performance modules makes it not only a reliable supplier to clinical analysers, but also to steam sterilisers, cleaning and disinfecting machines.
  • Microbial purity - tank recirculation.
  • Emergency supply - optional emergency module.
  • Flexible positioning - as tower-unit or, to save space, in a base cabinet.
  • Typical applications: supplier to analysers, cleaning and disinfecting machines.
Conductivity:0.1 to 1 µS / cm
Resistance:10 to 1 MΩcm
Dispensing performance:up to 2 l / min
Pure water tank pressurised outlet:yes
Technical Data:
Operating pressure:2 to 6 bar
Supply voltage:90 to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz
Connected load:0.25 kW
Connector size:hose d8 mm
Ambient temperature:2 to 35 °C
Dimensions tower-unit (W x H x D):511 x 1520* x 575 mm
Dimensions base cabinet tank:511 x 800 x 575 mm
Pure Water Systems OmniaLabDS  stakpure
TypePure water performance
at 15 °C
l / h
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
* With OptiFill dispenser.