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Promotion package: adjustable single-channel pipettes Transferpette ® S incl. suitable tips

Exclusive OMNILAB offer: order a single-channel pipette Transferpette® S with adjustable volume and receive suitable tips right away.

The Transferpette® S pipettes are the perfect manual pipettes for the most demanding applications in the lab. They include all of the features requested by users in Life Science: rugged construction, one-hand volume adjustment, complete autoclavability, highest precision and Easy Calibration technology for convenient, long-term reliability.
  • Centrally placed pipetting key and separate tip ejector.
  • Easy, one-handed volume setting for right- or left-handed users.
  • Complete autoclavability at 121 °C (2 bar), acc. to DIN EN 285.
  • Easy-to-read 4-digit volume display for highest precision.
  • Easy Calibration technology: providing calibration adjustments without tools and a clear indication when the pipettes have been adjusted from factory settings.

Items supplied:
Transferpette® S, adjustable volume, DE-M marking, with performance certificate, shelf / rack mount and silicone oil.
Brand  Promotion package: adjustable single-channel pipettes Transferpette ® S incl. suitable tips
Brand  Promotion package: adjustable single-channel pipettes Transferpette ® S incl. suitable tipsBrand  Promotion package: adjustable single-channel pipettes Transferpette ® S incl. suitable tips    
A* ≤ ± %CV** ≤ %PUOrder No.  Price/Unit/GBP 
Transferpette® S, D-2,50.1 to on demand 
Transferpette® S, D-100.5 to 1010.515444684+ on demand 
Transferpette® S, D-202 to 200.80.415444685+ on demand 
Transferpette® S, D-505 to 500.80.315444686- on demand 
Transferpette® S, D-10010 to 1000.60.215444687+ on demand 
Transferpette® S, D-20020 to 2000.60.215444688+ on demand 
Transferpette® S, D-1000100 to 10000.60.215444689+ on demand 
Transferpette® S, D-5000500 to 50000.60.215444690+ on demand 
Transferpette® S, D-100001000 to 100000.60.215444691+ on demand 
* A = Accuracy, ** CV = Coefficient of variation.
Calibrated to deliver TD, »Ex«. Error limits acc. to the nominal capacity (= max. volume) indicated on the instrument.