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Transferpette® S, Single-Channel Air Displacement Pipettes, Starter Kits

Efficient: one-hand operation.
Flexible: ergonomic design for all hand sizes.
Reliable: volume-change protection prevents accidental adjustments.

The Transferpette® S air displacement pipette allows you to work efficiently and ergonomically with both small and large volumes. Low operating forces and a short stroke ensure relaxed pipetting, even during long pipetting series.

Due to its perfect ergonomics, the Transferpette® S provides a comfortable grip in any hand position, whether you are right- or left-handed, or have big or small hands. Changing your grip is not necessary, since the microliter pipette provides true one-hand operation: set the volume, pipette, eject the tip.

The volume-change protection is also easy to operate with gloves on and protects your set volume against accidental adjustment.

The Transferpette® S also features Easy Calibration technology, which makes calibration a breeze. Calibration can be carried out without tools.
  • Universal tip cone.
  • Completely autoclaving at 121 °C.
  • One-hand operation for right- and left-handed users.
  • Colour code on volume adjustment wheel, shaft and volume-change protection.
  • Easy insertion and ejection of tips due to O-rings on multi-channel pipettes.
  • Can be calibrated easily and without tools thanks to Easy Calibration technology.
  • Slim shaft for sampling from narrow vessels (centrifuge tubes).
  • Operating temperature from 15 to 40 °C.
  • Vapour pressure up to 500 mbar.
  • Viscosity up to 260 mPa s.
  • CE-IVD-compliant acc. to the IVD Directive 98/79 EC.
Items supplied:
Starter kit Micro
3 x Transferpette® S pipette, variabel volume (0.1 to 2.5 µl, 0.5 to 10 µl, 10 to 100 µl), 3 x TipBox pipette tips (2 x 0.5 to 20 µl, 2 to 200 µl), 3 shelf mounts.

Starter kit Standard
3 x Transferpette® S pipette, variabel volume (0.5 to 10 µl, 10 to 100 µl, 100 to 1000 µl), 3 x TipBox pipette tips (0.5 to 20 µl, 2 to 200 µl, 50 to 1000 µl), 3 shelf mounts.

Starter kit Macro
3 x Transferpette® S pipette, variabel volume (100 to 1000 µl, 500 to 5000 µl, 1000 to 10000 µl), 3 x TipBox pipette tips (50 to 10 µl, 0.5 to 5 ml, 1 to 10 ml), 3 shelf mounts.

Starter kit Midi
3 x Transferpette® S pipette, variabel volume (2 to 20 µl, 20 to 200 µl, 100 to 1000 µl), 3 x TipBox pipette tips (2 x 2 to 200 µl, 50 to 1000 µl), 3 shelf mounts.
Pipette versionIVD
Transferpette® S, Single-Channel Air Displacement Pipettes, Starter Kits  BRAND
TypeMin. Volumen
Max. Volumen
No. of channelsVolume adjustmentPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Starter kit Micro0.10100.001-channelvariable35447257-804.60Order
Starter kit Standard0.501000.001-channelvariable35447258-779.54Order
Starter kit Macro100.0010000.001-channelvariable35447259-804.60Order
Starter kit Midi2.001000.001-channelvariable35447260-760.48Order
Accessories for Transferpette S / S -8 / - 12 / BRAND
Pipette service and repair / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM
Pipette calibration and 'as found' / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM
Pipette calibration, repair and 'as found' / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM
Pipette calibration / OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM