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Transferpette® S Starter Kits and HandyStep® touch

Transferpette® S Single-Channel Pipette:
  • Efficient: one-hand operation.
  • Flexible: ergonomic design for all hand sizes.
  • Reliable: volume-change protection prevents accidental adjustments.

HandyStep® touch Repetitive Dispenser:
  • Simple: touchscreen operation.
  • Easy: compatible with tips from other manufacturers.
  • Efficient: automatic tip ejection.

Set 1: HandyStep® touch (incl. universal power supply and retaining clip) +
Transferpette® S Starter-Kit Micro: 3 x pipettes (0.1 to 2.5 µl, 0.5 to 10 µl, 10 to 100 µl), 3 x TipBox pipette tips (2 x 0.5 to 20 µl, 2 to 200 µl), 3 shelf brackets.

Set 2: HandyStep® touch (incl. universal power supply and retaining clip) + Transferpette® S Starter-Kit Midi: 3 x pipettes (2 to 20 µl, 20 to 200 µl, 100 to 1000 µl), 3 x TipBox pipette tips (2 x 2 to 200 µl, 50 to 1000 µl), 3 rack holders.

Set 3: HandyStep® touch (incl. universal power supply and retaining clip) + Transferpette® S Starter-Kit Macro: 3 x pipettes (100 to 1000 µl, 500 to 5000 µl, 1000 to 10000 µl), 3 x TipBox pipette tips (50 to 1000 µl, 0.5 to 5 ml, 1 to 10 ml) , 3 shelf brackets.

Set 4: HandyStep® touch (incl. universal power supply and retaining clip) + Transferpette® S Starter Kit Standard: 3 x pipettes (0.5 to 10 µl, 10 to 100 µl, 100 to 1000 µl), 3 x TipBox pipette tips (0.5 to 20 µl, 2 to 200 µl, 50 to 1000 µl), 3 shelf brackets.

Set 5: HandyStep® touch (incl. universal power supply and retaining clip) + Transferpette® S pipette package 1: 5 x pipettes (0.1 to 2.5 µl, 0.5 to 10 µl, 2 to 20 µl, 20 to 200 µl, 100 to 1000 µl), 3x TipBox pipette tips (0, 5 to 20 µl, 2 to 200 µl, 50 to 1000 µl), table stand for 6 devices.

Set 6: HandyStep® touch (incl. universal power supply and retaining clip) + Transferpette® S Pipette Package 2: 5 x pipettes (0.5 to 10 µl, 10 to 100 µl, 20 to 200 µl, 100 to 1000 µl, 500 to 5000 µl), 4x TipBox pipette tips (0.5 to 20 µl , 2 to 200 µl, 50 to 1000 µl, 0.5 to 5 ml), table stand for 6 devices.
Transferpette® S Starter Kits and HandyStep® touch  BRAND
Transferpette® S Starter Kits and HandyStep® touch  BRANDTransferpette® S Starter Kits and HandyStep® touch  BRAND    
DescriptionNo. of channelsPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Set 1: Transferpette® S + HandyStep® touch1-channel15448090-on demand 
Set 2: Transferpette® S + HandyStep® touch1-channel15448091-on demand 
Set 3: Transferpette® S + HandyStep® touch1-channel15448092-on demand 
Set 4: Transferpette® S + HandyStep® touch1-channel15448093-on demand 
Set 5: Transferpette® S + HandyStep® touch1-channel15448094-on demand 
Accessories for Transferpette S / S -8 / - 12 / Brand, Wertheim
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Pipette calibration, repair and 'as found' / OMNILAB
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