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Erlenmeyer Flasks with NS

Acc. to DIN EN ISO 4797 and in addition to DIN standard.
  • Flask 25 ml: made of DURAN® tubing.
  • 50 to 1000 ml: DURAN®.
Erlenmeyer Flasks with NS  Lenz
NSPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
2514 / 2315012001+10.18Order
5014 / 2315012002+11.66Order
5029 / 3215012012+10.13Order
10014 / 2315012003+9.41Order
10029 / 3215012013+8.19Order
20029 / 3215012017+8.69Order
25024 / 2915012006+9.81Order
25029 / 3215012014+8.88Order
30029 / 3215012018+9.90Order
50024 / 2915012008+12.55Order
50029 / 3215012015+11.43Order
100024 / 2915012009+22.36Order
100029 / 3215012016+20.40Order
200045 / 40109012010-481.41Order
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