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Magnetic Stirrers STIRRING HOTPLATE 6 / 15

Stirring - motorless, 100 % maintenance- and wear-free magnetic stirrer, powerful, wide speed range 100 to 2000 min-1, 100 % synchronised speed, 4-step power settings of the stirrer, high power setting for viscous liquids and reduced power setting for long-term operation without any heating effects caused by the stirrer, digital display, SoftStart.

Heating - heating plate, resistant aluminium alloy, PTFE-coated for increased chemical resistance and easier cleaning, fast heating-up by powerful integrated electrical heater, homogenous temperature distribution, max. heating temperature + 200 °C, independent over-temperature protection.

Separate control unit heatMIXcontrol: operation of magnetic stirrer and integrated heater, independent and adjustable over-temperature limiter, ideal for unintended operation errors, st. steel housing, compact and space-saving, connection for external P100 sensor, RS232 interface.

With 6 stirring positions and stirring point distance 130 mm, suitable for 6 x 1000 ml Erlenmeyer flasks.

Stirring-heating plate with 15 stirring positions, universally applicable for miscellaneous vessel sizes and shapes, stirring point distance 65 mm, suitable for 15 x 250 ml glass beakers (tall form).
Technical Data:
Speed range:100 to 2000 min-1
Max. stirring power:40 W (4-steps adjustable, 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 %)
Material plate:aluminium (PTFE-coated)
Material housing:st. steel
Max. temperature:+ 20 to + 200 °C
Over-temperature protection:irreversibel
Dimensions (W x D x H):250 x 430 x 75 mm
Weight:approx. 17 kg
Protection category:IP 20
Mains supply:230 V, 1200 W
2mag  Magnetic Stirrers STIRRING HOTPLATE 6 / 15
2mag  Magnetic Stirrers STIRRING HOTPLATE 6 / 152mag  Magnetic Stirrers STIRRING HOTPLATE 6 / 15    
TypeStirring pointsGap between
stirring points
Stirring volume
per stirrer
Magnetic stirrer STIRRING HOTPLATE 66651 to 150016713643-5,519.06Order
Magnetic stirrer STIRRING HOTPLATE 15151301 to 100015431852-5,906.40Order
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