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3M™ particulate respirators Aura 9300+ series / 3M 
Accessories for rotary evaporators Hei-VAP series / Heidolph 
 Accessories for series U, I, ICH, ICP, IPP, IPS, HPP / Memmert 
Bottle top filters, MF75 series, PES membrane / Nalgene 
Disposable filter holders, FP series / Schleicher & Schuell 
Disposable filter holders, FP series, non-sterile / Schleicher & Schuell 
Multipette M4 pipettor / Eppendorf 
Automatic digital refractometers PAL series / Kleinfeld 
Dispensette Bottletop Dispensers Dispensette S / Brand, Wertheim 
General purpose centrifuges Heraeus Multifuge X3 series / Thermo Scientific