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Touch N Tuff disposable gloves, nitrile / Ansell Protective Products 
Touch N Tuff disposable gloves, nitrile, TNT Blue / Ansell Protective Products 
Touch Pen Mini / Pioneer / Dorsch, Werner 
Hand Towels for electronic touchless / No-touch towel system / Kimberly-Clark 
Accessories for VORTEX Genius 3 shaker / IKA-Werke 
Disposable examination gloves NITRIL BestGen / Meditrade 
Disposable examination gloves Nitril NextGen / Meditrade 
E1-ClipTip single-channel pipettes / Thermo Scientific 
Finnpipette F1 single- / multi-channel pipettes / Thermo Scientific 
Fuego SCS basic / Fuego SCS basic RF laboratory gas burners / WLD-TEC