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Incubator for Dip Slides / Hartmann, Paul 
Erlenmeyer flasks, PMP, with screw cap / Vitlab 
Erlenmeyer flasks, PP, with screw cap / Vitlab 
Falcon cell culture flasks / Corning 
Magnetic stirrers MIXdrive 1 eco / 1 eco HT / 2mag 
Shaker ROCKER 2D digital / IKA-Werke 
Shaker ROCKER 3D digital / IKA-Werke 
 Tygon LMT-55 standard pump tubing, 3 riders / Saint Gobain 
Vortex Genie 2 Mixers / Kleinfeld Labortechnik 
 Incubator shaker EZ Thermoshake / Biochrom Ltd.