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Bond Elut Plexa - Other Formats

The Bond Elut Plexa Family is a new generation of polymeric SPE products, designed for simplicity, improved analytical performance and ease-of-use. Its uniqueness lies in the novel hydroxylated exterior, hydrophobic interior and advanced polymeric architecture. In addition, Plexa provides performance enhancements due to an unique polymeric architecture with a non-retentive, hydroxylated, amide-free surface and a non-polar PS / DVB core for retaining small molecules. Binding of proteins and lipids on the polymer surface is minimised, resulting in cleaner samples and reduced ion suppression. Plexa is therefore ideal for high-throughput assays requiring validated performance with min. method development. Flow rate is improved because Plexa PCX particles have much narrower particle size distribution with no fines to cause blockages.

Bond Elut Plexa:
  • Non-polar retention mechanism.
  • Improved extract cleanliness minimises sample matrix interferences.
  • Simple methods are amenable to a very broad range of analytes.
  • Fast flow, reproducible performance and ease-of-use.
  • Typical matrices: aqueous, biological fluids.
  • Primary extraction: non-polar.
  • Compound types: non-polar compounds with acidic/neutral fractionation PAHs from water.

Bond Elut Plexa PCX:
  • Faster flow rates improve productivity.
  • Extraction cleanliness and reduced ion suppression improve precision.
  • Simplified, single method for ease-of-use.
  • Typical matrices: aqueous, biological fluids, buffered.
  • Primary extraction mechanism: mixed mode: non-polar and cation exchange.
  • Compound types: basic drugs, basic drugs of abuse.

Bond Elut Plexa PAX:
  • Mixed mode, non-polar polymeric anion exchanger offers high level of analyte selectivity.
  • Exclusion of endogenous interferences offers superior cleanliness and minimises ion suppression.
  • Simple, single method for ease-of-use, reduces method development time.
  • Typical matrices: plasma, urine, aqueous and biological buffers.
  • Primary extraction mechanism: strong anion exchange.
  • Compound types: acidic compounds, carboxylic acid metabolites of drugs, peptides and amino acids.
Agilent  Bond Elut Plexa - Other Formats
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Bond Elut PlexaGerstel format, 60 mg, 3 ml50310167816G-on demand