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 ManuPEP EASY / PRO pipetting surfaces / Steinbauer Electronics 
 11-Keto-ß-boswellic acid
FLUKA 78535 / Sigma Aldrich-Chemie
BD BioCoat™ Cell Culture Inserts / Corning 
BioCoat™ Microplates Collagen I / Corning 
 BioCoat™ Microplates Fibronektin / Corning 
 BioCoat™ Microplates Laminin / Corning 
 BioCoat™ Microplates Matrigel / Corning 
BioCoat™ Microplates Poly-D-Lysin / Corning 
Cell culture inserts BRAND Insert 2in1 / Brand, WertheimNew!
Falcon cell culture inserts / Corning