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In-vitro, TufRol™ and TufRol™ EZ Roller Bottles

For industrial scale production of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies or pharmaceuticals.

In-vitro roller bottles molded of durable PETG:
Excellent substrate for adherent cells. Quick-action ergonomic closure reduces wrist stain and increases productivity. Wide range of sizes with surface areas from 1050 to 4200 cm2.

Available in both standard and the patented expanded surface (XPS), which enables increased cell growth and product yield without the need to purchase additional production equipment or increase lab. In-vitro XPS roller bottles have specially designed pleats that dramatically expand the available growth surface. The pleats are oriented in the direction of rotation to min. turbulence. Flat panels between sections allow microscopic viewing and expedite drainage during medium replacement and cell harvest.
  • Easy-to-read graduations for medium fills.
  • Lot number is printed on each bottle to max. traceability.
  • Sterile.

TufRol™ and TufRol™ EZ roller bottles made of PS:
TufRol™ roller bottles enable to scale cell culture processes from plates, to flasks, to roller bottles. They can be used as the primary production vessel or as a mid-scale expansion platform to feed cell factories or suspension culture bioreactors. One-piece, seamless design reduces possibility of leaking.

TufRol™ EZ bottles with shallow or deep indents make them excellent for manual and automated handling. Proprietary manufacturing process for greater impact resistance. Vertical expanded surfaces version facilitates emptying and reduces retention of product.
  • Certified non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic and sterile (10-3 SAL).
  • Validation binder available.
In-vitro, TufRol™ and TufRol™ EZ Roller Bottles  Nunc
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
In-vitro roller bottles*smooth surface 1.2 XnoPETG1050205435018-127.97Order
In-vitro roller bottlessmooth surface 1.2 XnoPETG1050205435019-120.69Order
In-vitro roller bottles*smooth surface 1.2 XyesPETG1050205435020-151.90Order
In-vitro roller bottlessmooth surface 1 XLnoPETG1800225435021-278.83Order
In-vitro roller bottlesexpanded surfacenoPETG1700205435022-210.16Order
In-vitro roller bottles*expanded surfacenoPETG2100205435023-278.83Order
In-vitro roller bottlesexpanded surfacenoPETG2100205435024-260.10Order
In-vitro roller bottlesexpanded surfacenoPETG4200225435025-534.77Order
TufRol™ roller bottles**smooth surfaceyesPS850205435026-135.25Order
TufRol™ roller bottles**smooth surfacenoPS850205435027-114.44Order
TufRol™ roller bottlessmooth surfacenoPS850205435028-93.95Order
TufRol™ roller bottlessmooth surface, double bagnoPS850205435029-104.04Order
TufRol™ EZ roller bottles**smooth surface, shallow indentyesPS850205435030-149.82Order
TufRol™ EZ roller bottles**smooth surface, shallow indentnoPS850205435031-149.82Order
TufRol™ EZ roller bottlessmooth surface, shallow indent, double bagnoPS850205435032-123.81Order
TufRol™ EZ roller bottles**smooth surface, deep indentyesPS850205435033-115.48Order
TufRol™ EZ roller bottles**smooth surface, deep indentnoPS850205435034-123.81Order
TufRol™ EZ roller bottlessmooth surface, deep indentnoPS850205435035-104.04Order
TufRol™ EZ roller bottlessmooth surface, deep indent, double bagnoPS850205435036-115.48Order
TufRol™ roller bottlesexpanded surface, double bagyesPS1450205435037-165.42Order
TufRol™ roller bottlesexpanded surfacenoPS1450205435038-138.37Order
TufRol™ roller bottlesexpanded surface, double bagnoPS1450205435039-153.98Order
Caps for TufRol™ / EZ roller bottlesvented, sterile PEHD05005435040-415.12Order
Caps for TufRol™ / EZ roller bottlesnon-vented, sterile PEHD05005435041-277.79Order
* 5 pcs. / pack (and 20 pcs. / PU).
** 2 pcs. / pack (and 20 pcs. / PU).