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Heptadecafluorooctanesulfonic acid potassium salt OEKANAL
FLUKA 33829

CAS-No: 2795-39-3
Gross Weight: 12000MG
Net Weight: 100MG
Melting Point: 277-280 C(lit.)
Molecular Weight: 538,22
Linear Formula: CF3(CF2)7SO3K
Molecular Formula: C8F17KO3S

HS-No: 29049095900
R-Phrases: 20/22-51/53-57
S-Phrases: 61
Hazard Symbols: Xn, N (Harmful, Dangerous for the environment)

GHS SignalWords: Danger

HazardCodes: H302-H332-H351-H360-H362-H372-H411

Precaution Statements: P201-P263-P273-P281-P308 + P313
CAS Number:2795-39-3
HS number29049095900
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