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Mesasuring Scoops

PEHD. Industrial version. Suitable for contact with foodstuff in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011. Conical in shape with tapered filling edge.
Mesasuring Scoops  VITLAB®
ColourSterilePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
PEHD15.00115.00naturalno indication125201005-7.78Order
PEHD25.00135.00naturalno indication125201010-10.37Order
PEHD65.00185.00naturalno indication125201015-13.48Order
PEHD110.00215.00naturalno indication45201020-6.39Order
PEHD150.00250.00naturalno indication125201025-21.65Order
PEHD350.00310.00naturalno indication15201030-3.49Order
PEHD750.00350.00naturalno indication15201035+5.79Order
PEHD750.00350.00dark blueno indication65442373-34.73Order
PEHD750.00350.00blackno indication15442374+5.79Order
PEHD1250.00400.00naturalno indication65201040+50.67Order
PEHD1250.00400.00dark blueno indication65442375-50.67Order
PEHD1250.00400.00blackno indication15442376-8.44Order