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Erlenmeyer Flasks

PMP. Transparent, wide mouth, with screw cap made of PP. NS-stoppers can also be used (not included). Ideal for use as a receiving vessel in titrations. Well suited for storage and cultivation of cell cultures. Far safer than glass flasks for use in incubator shakers due to the break resistance of plastic. Suitable for microwaves. To preserve markings, cleaning at no higher than 60 °C is recommended.
Erlenmeyer Flasks  VITLAB®
MaterialAusführung HalsTeilung
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
50.00PMPscrew cap10.0034 / 3565140990-32.60Order
100.00PMPscrew cap20.0034 / 3515140991-6.39Order
250.00PMPscrew cap50.0045 / 4015140992+10.84Order
500.00PMPscrew cap100.0045 / 4015140993-12.31Order
100.00PMPscrew cap200.0045 / 4015140994-18.20Order