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Reaction Vessels with Temperature Stabilising Jacket

Made of borosilicate glass, DURAN®, cylindrical, flat bottom, interior bottom slightly curved, Schott flat flange with annular groove, without graduation, tangential temperature stabilising connections, with threat GL 18 (for attaching a PP-hose connector with union cap for temperatures of up to + 140 °C).
Middle neckno indication [NS]
Side neck angledno indication [NS]
Side neck straightno indication [NS]
Reaction Vessels with Temperature Stabilising Jacket  Rettberg
Innen-Ø mmHöhe
GewindePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
60100.0090.0060.00135.00GL 1815145530-344.20Order
60250.0090.0060.00185.00GL 1815145531-366.44Order
100500.00130.00100.00200.00GL 1815145532-516.13Order
1001000.00130.00100.00250.00GL 1815145533-559.87Order
1002000.00130.00100.00380.00GL 1815145534-584.71Order
1502000.00190.00150.00250.00GL 1815145536-856.98Order
1504000.00190.00150.00360.00GL 1815145537-966.82Order
1506000.00190.00150.00480.00GL 1815145538-1,224.72Order
20010000.00250.00215.00470.00GL 1815145539-2,655.72Order
20020000.00400.00300.00600.00GL 1815145540-3,069.36Order
1202000.00160.00120.00400.00no indication15145546-831.60Order
Accessories: see 5145560 to 5145579 (caps, clamps, seals), 5145630 to 5145697 (flange lids with middle- and side necks), 5145701 and 5145702 (table constructions), 5145698 to 5145700 (flange closures).
Threads GL 14 and GL 32 are available on request.