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Support Rings

Type 1 with closed ring, type 2 with closed ring and with bosshead, type 3 with open ring.
Support Rings  BOCHEM®
Innen-Ø mmMaterialGewindePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
170.0050.00st. steel 18 / 10no indication16326660-37.46Order
1160.0050.00st. steel 18 / 10no indication16053243-14.43Order
1200.0070.00st. steel 18 / 10no indication15225027+14.43Order
1220.00100.00st. steel 18 / 10no indication15225030-17.39Order
1220.00120.00st. steel 18 / 10no indication15225033-20.48Order
1220.00140.00st. steel 18 / 10no indication15225036+22.86Order
270.0070.00st. steel 18 / 10no indication15225127-37.46Order
270.00100.00st. steel 18 / 10no indication15225130-40.24Order
270.00120.00st. steel 18 / 10no indication15225133-43.42Order
270.00140.00st. steel 18 / 10no indication15225136-45.78Order
3160.0050.00st. steel 18 / 10no indication16056894-21.99Order
3200.0070.00st. steel 18 / 10no indication16701843-21.99Order
370.00100.00st. steel 18 / 10no indication16008133-24.59Order
1160.0050.00steelno indication16344658-7.28Order
1200.0070.00steelno indication16357577-8.66Order
1220.00100.00steelno indication15198354-9.55Order
1220.00130.00steelno indication15446168-11.02Order
1220.00160.00steelno indication16069600-11.72Order
270.0050.00steelno indication15446294-18.21Order
270.0070.00steelno indication16068145-19.56Order
270.00100.00steelno indication16347929-20.29Order
270.00130.00steelno indication16009183-21.99Order
270.00160.00steelno indication15446295-22.73Order