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Samplers MiniSampler

With the vacuum sampler MiniSampler, the sample liquid only comes into contact with the suction hose and the original sample bottle. The possibility of cross-contamination is greatly reduced. Immediately after taking the sample, the bottles are sealed. The disposable suction hose can quickly be replaced. This guarantees that the samples are never contaminated. If necessary, a new hose can be used for every single sample. Due to its small Ø (8 mm), the hose can reach narrow, seemingly inaccessible sampling areas.
  • Max. suction height 5 m*.

PE MiniSampler for general sampling:
MiniSampler PE in transport case, incl. vacuum pump, 10 PE bottles, 100 ml, 10 m PE suction hose 6 x 8 mm, 1 hose cutter, 1 st. steel hose weight made of V2A (1.4301) / brass nickel-plated, 20 seal-it bottle seals.

PTFE MiniSampler for ultra-pure sampling:
MiniSampler PTFE in transport case, incl. vacuum pump, 1 sample bottle PFA 180 ml, 5 m PTFE suction hose 6 x 8 mm, 1 hose cutter, 1 st. steel hose weight made of V2A (1.4301) / brass nickel-plated, 20 seal-it bottle seals.
 MiniSampler Video
Samplers MiniSampler  Bürkle
Samplers MiniSampler  BürkleSamplers MiniSampler  Bürkle    
MaterialSampler typePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
MiniSampler, PE, in transport case PEmanual sampler15303970-196.18Order
MiniSampler, PTFE, in transport case PTFEmanual sampler15435269-342.58Order
Sample bottle, PE, 100 ml100.00PEno indication15303971-1.90Order
Sample bottle, PE, 250 ml100.00PEno indication15303972-2.33Order
Suction hose, PE, 8 mm Ø, reel of 100 m PEno indication1005303973-62.48Order
* Depending on the medium.