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Specially developed for sampling aggressive liquids, e. g. acids, alkalis, detergents, solvents (check chemical resistance beforehand). The samples are drawn directly into the screw-on original sampling bottle. The tamperproof bottle closure of these bottles with original safety ring ensures unadulterated sample transport. Samples can be taken from depths of as much as 200 cm, e.g. from tanks, silos or tankers, by using the extension rod.
  • Grey PP.
  • Length 100 cm.
  • Acid- and alkali-proof.
  • Incl. sample bottle 1000 ml.
ChemoSampler  Bürkle
ChemoSampler  BürkleChemoSampler  BürkleChemoSampler  Bürkle   
MaterialSampler typePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ChemoSampler1000.00PPmanual sampler15303940-83.21Order
Wide mouth reagent bottle, 1000 ml, PEHD, with closure PEHDno indication15435270-2.95Order
Extension rod, 100 cm no indicationno indication16336949-41.31Order