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Mini ViscoSampler

For viscous substances like pastes, muds, creams, oils. Made of st. steel and ideal for use in pharmaceutical areas. The sample is drawn in using the pump rod and directly conveyed to the sampling container. Easy cleaning for flawless sampling. Suction capacity 30 to 75 ml. Depending on the viscosity, the unscrewable suction head can be fitted with suction drills of 2 to 6 mm.
  • Standard scope of supply: suction head 2 mm
  • Sterilisable.
  • Ø 15 mm.
  • Piston made of PTFE.
 Mini ViscoSampler Video
Mini ViscoSampler  Bürkle
Mini ViscoSampler  BürkleMini ViscoSampler  BürkleMini ViscoSampler  Bürkle   
TypeRod length
MaterialSampler typePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Mini ViscoSampler600.00600.00st. steel 1.4404manual sampler15303990-289.71Order
Mini ViscoSampler1000.001000.00st. steel 1.4404manual sampler15303991-336.31Order
Mini ViscoSampler1500.001500.00st. steel 1.4404manual sampler15303992-411.21Order
Suction head, 2 mm  st. steel 1.4404no indication15303993-45.04Order
Suction head, 4 mm  st. steel 1.4404no indication15303994-45.04Order
Suction head, 6 mm  st. steel 1.4404no indication15303995-45.04Order