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2- / 3-Way Valves

  • PVDF. Transparent. Good chemical resistance, suited for foodstuffs.
  • PP / PE. Red / white. For industrial use.
  • Max. pressure resistance 1 bar.
  • Operating temperature: PVDF 0 up to 40 °C; PP / PE 5 up to 40°C.
 2- / 3-Way Valves Video
2- / 3-Way Valves  Bürkle
DescriptionFor tubing
inside Ø
Bore of
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
2-way valve, PP / PE5 to 7415116781-6.37Order
2-way valve, PP / PE7 to 9615116782-7.34Order
2-way valve, PP / PE9 to 11815116788-8.42Order
2-way valve, PP / PE11 to 13815422100-8.42Order
2-way valve, PVDF5 to 7415116771-10.69Order
2-way valve, PVDF7 to 9615116772-12.64Order
2-way valve, PVDF9 to 11815116775-14.47Order
2-way valve, PVDF11 to 13815429364-14.47Order
3-way valve, PP / PE5 to 7415116786-10.58Order
3-way valve, PP / PE7 to 9615116787+12.53Order
3-way valve, PP / PE9 to 11815116773-14.36Order
3-way valve, PP / PE11 to 13815429365-14.36Order
3-way valve, PVDF5 to 7415116776-16.63Order
3-way valve, PVDF7 to 9615116777-18.79Order
3-way valve, PVDF9 to 11815116778-20.25Order
3-way valve, PVDF11 to 13815429366-20.25Order