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Flow Indicators LiquiMobil / CheMobil

CheMobil and LiquiMobil give optical indication of the flow velocity. The coloured impeller rotates even at low flow speeds and shows the flow velocity (the impeller starts to rotate at about 150 ml / min). The flow indicator functions in both directions and in any position. The compact size (length including nozzles 88 mm, height 40 mm, width 15 mm) enables the flow indicator to fit into the smallest aggregates.
  • For hose tubing with internal Ø of 6 to 11 mm.
  • Max. pressure resistance 2 bar.
  • Max. operating temperature SAN + 30 °C, PMP / TPX + 60 °C.

LiquiMobil in SAN: for cooling systems. Not suitable for aggressive substances.

CheMobil in PMP / TPX: not suitable for strong acids, alkalis and solvents. CheMobil can be steam sterilised.
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