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HPLC columns for special applications.
  • High pressure (600 bar) columns for ultra high speed or max. resolution analyses with Rapid Resolution High Throughput columns packed with totally porous, 1.8 µm packings.
  • Carefully engineered particles deliver max. resolution at 25 % less pressure than other sub- 2 µm materials.
  • Reduce analysis time by up to 95 %.
  • Develop HPLC methods more quickly.
  • Securely transfer conventional methods with over 140 RRHT column choices.
  • Analyse complex samples on shorter columns faster and max. peak capacity.
  • Matching selectivity in 3.5, 5 and 7 µm particle sizes for complete method scalability.
  • Short (50 mm long and less) column can be used on some conventional LCs.
Technical Data:
Particle size:1.8 µm
Max. pressure:600 bar, 9000 PSI
SizePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
4.6 x 50 mm1310927975906-749.52Order
4.6 x 30 mm1310924975906-552.96Order
4.6 x 20 mm1310926975906-447.12Order
3.0 x 50 mm1310927975306-749.52Order
2.1 x 100 mm1310928700906-867.24Order
2.1 x 50 mm1310927700906-749.52Order
2.1 x 30 mm1310924700906-552.96Order
2.1 x 20 mm1310926700906-447.12Order