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XBridge BEH C18 Columns

XBridge  BEH  C18  Columns
 PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
130A, 3.5 um, 1 mm X 100 mm1366186003127-862.92Order
130A, 3.5 um, 1 mm X 150 mm1366186003128-921.24Order
130A, 3.5 um, 1 mm X 50 mm1366186003126-784.08Order
130A, 3.5 um, 2.1 mm X 100 mm1366186003022-862.92Order
130A, 3.5 um, 2.1 mm X 150 mm1366186003023-921.24Order
130A, 3.5 um, 2.1 mm X 30 mm1366186003020-778.68Order
130A, 3.5 um, 2.1 mm X 50 mm1366186003021-803.52Order
130A, 3.5 um, 3 mm X 100 mm1366186003027-862.92Order
130A, 3.5 um, 3 mm X 150 mm1366186003028-921.24Order
130A, 3.5 um, 3 mm X 30 mm1366186003025-778.68Order
130A, 3.5 um, 3 mm X 50 mm1366186003026-803.52Order
130A, 3.5 um, 4.6 mm X 100 mm1366186003033-862.92Order
130A, 3.5 um, 4.6 mm X 150 mm1366186003034-921.24Order
130A, 3.5 um, 4.6 mm X 250 mm1366186003943-1,005.48Order
130A, 3.5 um, 4.6 mm X 30 mm1366186003030-778.68Order
130A, 3.5 um, 4.6 mm X 50 mm1366186003031-803.52Order
130A, 3.5 um, 4.6 mm X 75 mm1366186003032-819.72Order
130A, 5 um, 2.1 mm X 100 mm1366186003109-832.68Order
130A, 5 um, 2.1 mm X 150 mm1366186003110-892.08Order
130A, 5 um, 2.1 mm X 30 mm1366186003129-754.92Order
130A, 5 um, 2.1 mm X 50 mm1366186003108-773.28Order
130A, 5 um, 3 mm X 100 mm1366186003132-832.68Order
130A, 5 um, 3 mm X 150 mm1366186003112-892.08Order
130A, 5 um, 3 mm X 250 mm1366186003133-980.64Order
130A, 5 um, 3 mm X 30 mm1366186003111-754.92Order
130A, 5 um, 3 mm X 50 mm1366186003131-773.28Order
130A, 5 um, 4.6 mm X 100 mm1366186003115-832.68Order
130A, 5 um, 4.6 mm X 150 mm1366186003116-892.08Order
130A, 5 um, 4.6 mm X 250 mm1366186003117-980.64Order
130A, 5 um, 4.6 mm X 30 mm1366186003135-754.92Order
130A, 5 um, 4.6 mm X 50 mm1366186003113-773.28Order
130A, 5 um, 4.6 mm X 75 mm1366186003114-803.52Order