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XSelect CSH Fluoro Phenyl Method Validation Kits

XSelect  CSH  Fluoro Phenyl Method Validation Kits
 PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
130A, 2.5 um, 2.1 mm X 100 mm1366186006240-2,586.60Order
130A, 2.5 um, 2.1 mm X 150 mm1366186006788-2,765.88Order
130A, 2.5 um, 2.1 mm X 50 mm1366186006239-2,408.40Order
130A, 2.5 um, 3 mm X 100 mm1366186006242-2,586.60Order
130A, 2.5 um, 3 mm X 150 mm1366186006789-2,765.88Order
130A, 2.5 um, 4.6 mm X 100 mm1366186006244-2,586.60Order
130A, 2.5 um, 4.6 mm X 150 mm1366186006790-2,765.88Order
130A, 2.5 um, 4.6 mm X 50 mm1366186006243-2,408.40Order
130A, 3.5 um, 2.1 mm X 100 mm1366186005549-2,586.60Order
130A, 3.5 um, 4.6 mm X 100 mm1366186005552-2,586.60Order
130A, 3.5 um, 4.6 mm X 150 mm1366186005553-2,765.88Order
130A, 5 um, 2.1 mm X 150 mm1366186005554-2,676.24Order
130A, 5 um, 3 mm X 150 mm1366186005556-2,676.24Order
130A, 5 um, 4.6 mm X 100 mm1366186005557-2,496.96Order
130A, 5 um, 4.6 mm X 150 mm1366186005558-2,676.24Order
130A, 5 um, 4.6 mm X 250 mm1366186005559-2,943.00Order
XP Column, 130A, 2.5 um, 3 mm X 50 mm1366186006241-2,408.40Order