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Transport and slow thawing of deep-frozen samples. The IsoTherm-System® is specialised in cooling samples effectively and constantly at - 21 or 0 °C over many hours. It consists of the following components: the IsoRack (work rack), IsoPack (cool pack) and IsoSafe (insulating box).
  • Holds 24 tubes (Safe-Lock 0.5 / 1.5 / 2.0 ml).
  • IsoPack (cold pack), white for 0 °C and blue for - 21 °C, cooled to refrigeration temperature in freezer compartment.
  • Isothermal times of < 6 h (0 °C, white) and < 3 h (- 21 °C, blue).
  • No more melting ice baths (danger of contaminations).
  • All system componets can be used separately.
  • Racks stackable, autoclavable, markable.
IsoTherm-System®  Eppendorf
IsoTherm-System®  EppendorfIsoTherm-System®  Eppendorf    
PUOrder No.  Price/Unit/GBP 
IsoTherm-System® - starter set*insulating box, cool pack for 0 / - 21 °C, IsoSafe, rack with lid15283525- 173.88Order
IsoTherm-System® - starter set**insulating box, cool pack for 0 / - 21 °C, IsoSafe, rack with lid15283526- 173.88Order
IsoRack + IsoPack 0 °C for IsoTherm-System®*1 rack with lid and 1 cool pack for 0 °C15283527- 57.13Order
IsoRack + IsoPack 0 °C for IsoTherm-System®**1 rack with lid and 1 cool pack for 0 °C15283528- 57.13Order
IsoRack + IsoPack - 21 °C for IsoTherm-System®*1 rack with lid and 1 cool pack for - 21 °C15283537- 57.13Order
IsoRack + IsoPack - 21 °C for IsoTherm-System®**1 rack with lid and 1 cool pack for - 21 °C15283530+ 57.13Order
IsoRack*4 racks with 4 lids45283523- 150.12Order
IsoRack**4 racks with 4 lids45283536- 150.12Order
IsoSafe + IsoPack - 21 °C for IsoTherm-System®*1 insulating box with 3 cool packs for - 21 °C15283524- 189.00Order
IsoSafe + IsoPack - 21 °C for IsoTherm-System®**1 insulating box with 3 cool packs for - 21 °C15283535- 189.00Order
IsoSafe + IsoPack 0 °C for IsoTherm-System®*1 insulating box with 3 cool packs for 0 °C15283521- 189.00Order
IsoSafe + IsoPack 0 °C for IsoTherm-System®**1 insulating box with 3 cool packs for 0 °C15283529- 189.00Order
* For 0.5 ml.
** For 1.5 / 2.0 ml.