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 Eppendorf PCR cleanEppendorf Forensic DNA Grade

PCR Tubes

0.5 ml PCR tubes, thin walled:
  • High transparency. Colourless.
  • Matt finished lid for inscriptions.
  • Tight sealing - easy to open.
  • For use with all thermal cyclers with 0.5 ml block format.
  • Certified free from human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitor.

0.2 ml PCR tubes, thin walled:
  • Contamination shield on hinged lid.
  • Defined lid position due to special hinge.
  • High transparency even on the tube base.
  • For use with all thermal cyclers with 0.2 ml block format.
  • 8-tube strip format.
  • Certified free from human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitor.

PCR tube strips 0.1 ml:
  • 8 reaction tubes in strip format.
  • Optimal for small sample volumes.
  • Easy to automate.
  • Certified free from human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitor.
PCR Tubes  Eppendorf
PCR Tubes  EppendorfPCR Tubes  EppendorfPCR Tubes  Eppendorf   
ColourTypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
0.10colourlessPCR Gefäße im Streifenformat, ohne DeckelPCR clean1205425915-144.72Order
0.10colourlessPCR Gefäße im Streifenformat mit Cap Strips, gewölbtPCR clean2405425916-195.48Order
0.10colourlessPCR Gefäße im Streifenformat mit Cap Strips, flachPCR clean2405425917-212.76Order
0.20colourlessPCR Gefäße, dünnwandig, mit KlappdeckelPCR clean10005283579-155.52Order
0.20colourlessPCR Gefäße, dünnwandig, mit KlappdeckelForensic DNA Grade5005444556-88.02Order
0.20colourlessPCR Gefäße, dünnwandig 8-er StreifenPCR clean1205283622+189.00Order
0.50colourlessPCR Gefäße, dünnwandig, mit DeckelPCR clean5005283626+53.24Order
Certificates or methods of testing and further information are available on request.
Accessories for PCR tubes / Eppendorf