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UV Hand Lamps

Robust powder-coated metal housing, with handle. Low-pressure lamp with high radiation intensity.
  • Power supply: 230 V / 50 W.
  • CE-certified.
  • Plastic-coated light metal casing.
  • Mains operation 220 V (other voltages on request).
  • Short wave (254 nm) or long wave (366 nm).
  • Multiple waves with switch for required wavelength.
  • Stand is optionally available.
UV Hand Lamps  Köhler
Wavelength max.
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
6254850254 / 366 W switchable, 600 / 850 μW/cm2, visible filter area 145 x 45 mm15879882+406.08Order
4254500short wave, visible filter area 95 x 45 mm15430636-344.74Order
6254600short wave, visible filter area 145 x 45 mm15430637-371.52Order
122541200short wave, 2 x 6 W, visible filter area 145 x 45 mm15879883-440.64Order
8254680short wave, visible filter area 195 x 45 mm15430638-411.26Order
162541300short wave, 2 x 8 W, visible filter area 195 x 45 mm15430639-557.28Order
152541200short wave, visible filter area 290 x 60 mm15430640-622.08Order
302541400short wave, 2 x 15 W, visible filter area 290 x 60 mm15430641-748.22Order
4366550long wave, visible filter area 95 x 45 mm15430642-338.69Order
6366850long wave, visible filter area 145 x 45 mm15430643-366.34Order
123661700long wave, 2 x 6 W, visible filter area 145 x 45 mm15879884-433.73Order
8366950long wave, visible filter area 195 x 45 mm15430644-406.08Order
163661900long wave, 2 x 8 W, visible filter area 195 x 45 mm15430645-549.50Order
153661300long wave, visible filter area 290 x 60 mm15430646-613.44Order
303661800long wave, 2 x 15 W, visible filter area 290 x 60 mm15430647-739.58Order
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