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Dräger Safety 

Gas Detector Pump accuro®

The Dräger Tube® measurement system is a proven method of measuring contaminants in soil, water or air. More than 500 substances of different concentrations can be measured.
All Dräger Tubes® are alike in configuration and operation, a certain volume of air has to be drawn through the tube. This is done using the accuro® gas detector pump. When brought into contact with a particular substance, the chemical reagent system inside the tube reacts and changes colour. The concentration of the substance is indicated by the length of the discolouration and can be read off directly from a scale.
  • The Dräger Tube® measurement system offers the benefits of measurement accuracy, cost efficiency and quick and easy operation. More than 250 tubes for a huge variety of substances, applications and measurement ranges are available upon request.
  • accuro® set: pump incl. case, tube opener and spare part set.
Gas Detector Pump accuro®  Dräger
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Gas detector pump accuro®15620410-360.72Order
Gas detector pump accuro®, set15620411-441.72Order