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Safety Gas Burner gasprofi 1 SCS micro

The smallest professional among the laboratory gas burners with touch free Double-Click IR-Sensor, button function, foot pedal and SCS safety package. Extremely space-saving. This allows nearly effortless work as a result of its extraordinarily low working height. After prolonged use, the residual heat display will signal that the burner head is still hot in order to protect the user from burns.
The exclusive Double-Click safety function ensures that the burner can only be ignited by activating the IR-sensor twice.
  • Completely made of st. steel.
  • St. steel foot pedal.
  • 5 standard-programmes.
  • SCS Safety Control System with gas safety cut off: ignition and flame control, temperature monitor, automatic unit switch off, residual heat display, burner head assembly monitor.
  • BHC Burner Head Control.
  • Adjustable IR-sensor reaction distance.
  • Removable burner head.
  • Tilt mechanism right / left.
  • Turbo flame.
  • Holding device for 3 inoculation loop holders.
  • Nozzles for natural gas, propane / butane gas.
  • Additional button-function: the flame can be started and stopped by only pushing a button.
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 85 x 49 x 86 mm.
  • Fireproof controls.
  • Approved by DIN-DVGW, approval No. NG 221 AS0167.
  • Warranty: 2 years.
Safety Gas Burner gasprofi 1 SCS micro  WLD-TEC
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gasprofi 1 SCS micro15018730-530.28Order
Numerous accessories and various gas cartridge adapters optionally available.
Accessories for WLD-TEC safety gas burners / WLD-TEC