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Cytiva Fillter Circles / Folded Filters, Quantitative, Grade 589 / 2 - White Ribbon

- For the analysis of foodstuff. - For carbonate of alkaline earth metal, (NH4)3[P(Mo3O10)4] x aq., Mg(NH4)PO4, CaC2O4 (hot precipitated). - Properties: medium fast. - Retention range: 4 to 12 μm. - Weight: 85 g / m2. - Thickness: 0.19 mm. - Filtration ti
TypeFilter typeHöhe
Filtration time
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Grade 589 / 2 1/2filter circle12.70140.0010007009571-52.44Order
Grade 589 / 2filter circle40.50140.001005060209-20.29Order
Grade 589 / 2filter circle55.00140.001005060200-21.71Order
Grade 589 / 2filter circle70.00140.001005060201+26.71Order
Grade 589 / 2filter circle90.00140.001005060202-35.72Order
Grade 589 / 2filter circle110.00140.001005060203+41.29Order
Grade 589 / 2 1/2folded filter110.00140.001005060210-65.44Order
Grade 589 / 2filter circle125.00140.001005060204+48.28Order
Grade 589 / 2filter circle150.00140.001005060205+65.30Order
Grade 589 / 2 1/2folded filter150.00140.001005060211-92.31Order
Grade 589 / 2filter circle185.00140.001005060206-98.58Order
Grade 589 / 2filter circle240.00140.001005060207-154.32Order