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Glass Fibre Filters Grade GF 6

Glass fibre filters are made of 100 % borosilicate glass fibres with inorganic binder. They are mechanically stable, this makes the handling easier. They can be used up to + 500 °C. Glass fibre filters are resistant against aggressive chemicals except hydrofluoric acids and highly concentrated bases. They are known for their fast filtration time (compared to other media) with excellent retention rates, even of very fine particles from aqueous and gases.Applications: - Gas / air monitoring.- Water and waste water determination.
Retention rate:99.97 %
Filtration time acc. to Herzberg:200 s
Filtration time acc. to Gurley:40 s
Weight:80 g / m2
Thickness:350 µm
Glass Fibre Filters Grade GF 6  Cytiva
PUOrder No.  Price/Unit/GBP 
252005068495+ 45.12Order
472005068498- 68.67Order
502005068499+ 77.23Order
551005068500- 70.18Order
701005068501- 89.22Order
901005068502+ 124.30Order
1001005068509- 197.10Order
1101005068503+ 202.50Order
1251005068504- 212.40Order
1501005068505- 291.60Order
1851005068506- 325.80Order