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Cytiva Syringe Filters Spartan® Series

For HPLC sample separation. Versatile use; ready-to-use filter with hydrophilic, low-protein-binding membrane made of regenerated cellulose. - First class chemical resistance against the usual aqueous and organic HPLC solvents. - Spartan® 13 and 30 are tested and certified for UV absorbing substances at wavelength of 210 and 254 nm with water, methanol and acetonitril (certificate on request). - Spartan® 13 with extremely low hold up volume < 10 μl for optimal utilisation of small sample volumes. - Membrane / housing: RC / PP. - Inlet : Luer lock female. - Outlet: Luer male.
Cytiva Syringe Filters Spartan® Series
Cytiva Syringe Filters Spartan® SeriesCytiva Syringe Filters Spartan® Series    
Pore size
Colour codePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Spartan 13 / 0.2 RC130.2dark brown1005049948-233.49Order
Spartan 13 / 0.2 RC130.2dark brown5005049968-927.36Order
Spartan 13 / 0.2 RC*130.2dark brown1005421875-233.49Order
Spartan 13 / 0.45 RC130.45light brown1005049949-233.49Order
Spartan 13 / 0.45 RC130.45light brown5005049969-918.55Order
Spartan 13 / 0.45 RC*130.45light brown1005421874-233.49Order
Spartan 13 / 0.45 RC*130.45dark brown5005428749-918.55Order
Spartan 30 / 0.2 RC300.2dark brown1005049941-268.74Order
Spartan 30 / 0.2 RC300.2dark brown5005049967-1,056.22Order
Spartan 30 / 0.45 RC300.45light brown505049966-154.26Order
Spartan 30 / 0.45 RC300.45light brown1005049942-265.43Order
Spartan 30 / 0.45 RC300.45light brown5005049965-1,062.83Order
* With MiniTip outlet.