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ceramus® Bottle Top Dispenser

ceramus® and ceramus® classic, the one and only dispenser technology with ceramic piston.
  • Ceramic dosing piston: ceramus® is featured with a resistant ceramic piston of highly pure Al2O3 ceramic.
  • Unique advantages of ceramic piston: no abrasion, no swelling, no thermal problems.
  • Most resistant material, grant a very high chemical resistance.
  • Best handling.
  • Quick and most precise volume setting by click-stop adjusting ring.
  • Easy handling for serial dosings by ergonomic grip and excellent gliding performance of the dosing piston.
  • Modern and clear design: provides safety, accuracy and easy handling at every use.
  • No calibration necessary by combination of resistant step gauge and permanent volume steps.
  • Protection mantle prevents breakage of glass cylinder and dosing piston.
  • Tubes are screwed on the valves to avoid air bubbles during suction.
  • Free rotation on the bottle for continuous visibility of the bottle's label (only ceramus®).
  • Guided discharge tube to avoid snipping of reagent. With Luer-connection for filter or drying tube (only ceramus®).
  • Valves can easily be changed by user for cleaning. Autoclavable up to 121 °C, can be autoclaved completely without disassembling.
  • Discharge tube available with Luer-Lock connection (only ceramus®).
  • Long discharge tube (spiral) for serial dosings optionally available.
  • Suction tube secured by screw, environmental-friendly packing, completely recyclable.
  • 12 months guarantee.
  • DAkkS-Certificate (former DKD Calibration Certificate) is available on request.
  • With declaration of conformity acc. to DIN 12600.

Items supplied:
  • ceramus® with thread adapter A 32, A 38, S40, 1 suction tubing, 1 recirculation tube, with individual serial number and single calibration report.
  • ceramus® classic with thread adapter A28, S40 and A45, 1 suction tubing, with individual serial number and single calibration report.
ceramus® Bottle Top Dispenser  HIRSCHMANN®
ceramus® Bottle Top Dispenser  HIRSCHMANN®ceramus® Bottle Top Dispenser  HIRSCHMANN®ceramus® Bottle Top Dispenser  HIRSCHMANN®ceramus® Bottle Top Dispenser  HIRSCHMANN®  
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ceramus®0.2 to 1.00.0515287800-348.84Order
ceramus®0.4 to 2.00.0515287801-348.84Order
ceramus®1.0 to 5.00.1015287802-348.84Order
ceramus®2.0 to 10.00.2515287803+348.84Order
ceramus®5.0 to 30.00.5015287804-447.12Order
ceramus®10.0 to 60.01.0015287805-484.92Order
ceramus® fix1 15287806-339.12Order
ceramus® fix2 15287807+339.12Order
ceramus® fix5 15287808-339.12Order
ceramus® fix10 15287809-339.12Order
ceramus® fix25 15287815-430.92Order
ceramus® fix50 15287816-459.00Order
ceramus® classic0.2 to 1.00.0515287831-304.56Order
ceramus® classic0.4 to 2.00.0515287832-304.56Order
ceramus® classic1.0 to 5.00.1015287833-304.56Order
ceramus® classic2.0 to 10.00.2515287834-304.56Order
ceramus® classic5.0 to 30.00.5015287835+399.60Order
ceramus® classic10.0 to 60.01.0015287836-437.40Order
ceramus® classic fix1 15287870-291.60Order
ceramus® classic fix2 15287871-291.60Order
ceramus® classic fix5 15287872-291.60Order
ceramus® classic fix10 15287873-291.60Order
ceramus® classic fix25 15287874-385.56Order
ceramus® classic fix50 15287875-415.80Order
Accessories for ceramus bottle top dispenser / Hirschmann
Discharge tube units for ceramus bottle top dispenser / Hirschmann
Accessories for ceramus bottle top dispenser / Hirschmann