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Full Face Mask C 607 / Selecta (Class 2)

  • Anti-scratch, anti-fogging, non-reflecting and distortion-free polycarbonate window shield with very large field of vision.
  • Facepiece consists of non-irritating EPDM, which is resistant to ageing and guarantees outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance.
  • 5-point harness locks the mask quickly and securely in place.
  • With standard thread connection DIN EN 148-1 which allows the use of approved filters, hose devices and powered filtering devices with corresponding standard thread.
  • 2 Cool Down exhalation valves.
  • DIN EN 136.
  • Ultimative level of comfort due to ergonomic construction and design.
  • Without filter.
Full Face Mask C 607 / Selecta (Class 2)  EKASTU Safety
Full Face Mask C 607 / Selecta (Class 2)  EKASTU SafetyFull Face Mask C 607 / Selecta (Class 2)  EKASTU Safety    
TypePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
C 607 / Selecta15005549-96.55Order
Gas filter for POLIMASK 330 and C 607 / Selecta / Ekastu Safety/E.Klein