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Respiratory Filter for Half Mask POLIMASK 330 and Full Face Mask C 607 / Selecta

With standard thread connection DIN EN 148-1.
Particle filter DIRIN 230 P3R D:protection against particles of toxic and highly toxic substances. With innovative BIOSTOP*
Gas filter DIRIN 230 A2:protection against organic gases and vapours with a boiling point > 65 °C
Multi-type combined filter DIRIN 230 A2 B2 E2 K2-P3R D:protection against organic gases and vapours with a boiling point > 65 °C, inorganic gases and vapours, sulphur dioxide and ammonia as well as particles of toxic and highly toxic substances (P3). With innovative BIOSTOP*
Respiratory Filter for Half Mask POLIMASK 330 and Full Face Mask C 607 / Selecta  EKASTU Safety
Respiratory Filter for Half Mask POLIMASK 330 and Full Face Mask C 607 / Selecta  EKASTU SafetyRespiratory Filter for Half Mask POLIMASK 330 and Full Face Mask C 607 / Selecta  EKASTU SafetyRespiratory Filter for Half Mask POLIMASK 330 and Full Face Mask C 607 / Selecta  EKASTU SafetyRespiratory Filter for Half Mask POLIMASK 330 and Full Face Mask C 607 / Selecta  EKASTU Safety  
TypePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Particle filter DIRIN 230 P3R D*15005744-13.93Order
Gas filter DIRIN 230 A215005660-14.26Order
Gas filter DIRIN 230 B215005662-19.44Order
Gas filter DIRIN 230 K215005664-19.44Order
Multi-type filter DIRIN 230 A2 B2 E2 K115005665-19.66Order
Multi-type combined filter DIRIN 230 A2 B2 E2 K2-P3R D*15005689+25.92Order
* Untreated filters showed a growth of microbial strains both in new and, more abundantly, in used filters. BIOSTOP antimicrobial treated filters gave only a slight evidence of fungal colonisation. With dolomite clogging test.