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Pressure Filtration Capsules, Sartobran 150 / 300

Ready-to-use pressure filtration capsules for sterile filtration of media and aqueous solutions with volumes of up to 20 (Sartobran 150) or 40 l (Sartobran 300).
  • The units consist of a PP housing containing a double-layer cellulose acetate membrane (0.2 and 0.45 µm).
  • The membranes, which have an area of 150 or 300 cm2, have extremely low protein adsorption levels.
  • Autoclavable at up to 134 °C.
  • Automatically air vented via an integral PTFE membrane.
  • Sterile and individually packed.
  • With 6 to 12 mm flexible tubing connections (SO) or ½-inch tri-clamp (TC).
Pressure Filtration Capsules, Sartobran 150 / 300  Sartorius
Pressure Filtration Capsules, Sartobran 150 / 300  SartoriusPressure Filtration Capsules, Sartobran 150 / 300  Sartorius    
TypeFilter surface
AnschlussPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Sartobran 1500.015hose nipple DN 10 / hose nipple DN 1055604615-288.73Order
Sartobran 1500.0151/2" Triclamp / hose nipple DN 1055604616-312.52Order
Sartobran 3000.0301/2" Triclamp / 1/2" Triclamp55604617-288.73Order
Sartobran 3000.030hose nipple DN 10 / hose nipple DN 1025604618-218.74Order
Sartobran 3000.030hose nipple DN 10 / hose nipple DN 1055604619-589.66Order