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Thermometers 1- or 2-Channel TFN 520 / TFN 530

For Thermocouples (Type K, J, T, E).
TFN 520 / TFN 520 SMP / TFN 530* / TFN 530 SMP*.

  • Heating technology.
  • Air-conditioning, ventilation.
  • Air, gases, fluids.
  • Surface temperature.
  • Plastic materials.
  • Laboratory.

  • Robust and impact resistant.
  • Min. / Max., Hold.
  • °C / °F selectable.
  • Battery charge indicator.
  • Changeable battery.
  • Factory calibration certificate.
Technical Data:
Measuring range Type K:
Measuring range Type J:
Measuring range Type T:
Measuring range Type E:
- 200 to + 1200 °C
- 100 to + 800 °C
- 50 to + 300 °C
- 100 to + 600 °C
Accuracy at + 25 °C, Type K:
Accuracy at + 25 °C, Type J:
Accuracy at + 25 °C, Type T:
Accuracy at + 25 °C, Type E:
± 0.3 °C (- 100 to + 250 °C)
± 0.3 °C (- 50 to + 190 °C)
± 0.3 °C (- 50 to + 220 °C)
± 0.3 °C (- 50 to + 150 °C)
± 0.5 % for remaining measuring range
Resolution Type K:
Resolution Type J:
Resolution Type T:
Resolution Type E:
0.1 °C (- 200 to + 250 °C), 1 °C for the remaining range
0.1 °C (- 100 to + 190 °C), 1 °C for the remaining range
0.1 °C (- 50 to + 220 °C), 1 °C for the remaining range
0.1 °C (- 100 to + 150 °C ), 1 °C for the remaining range
Protection class:IP 52 (TFN 520 / TFN 530), IP 40 (TFN 520 SMP / TFN 530 SMP)
Dimensions:115 x 54 x 22 mm
Weight:approx. 90 g
Sensor:external, thermocouple Type K, J, T, E
Sensor connection:LEMO (TFN 520 / TFN 530), SMP (TFN 520 SMP / TFN 530 SMP)
Number of channels:1 (TFN 520 / TFN 520 SMP), 2 (TFN 530 / TFN 530 SMP)
Battery:lithium, 3 V, battery life approx. 5 years
Measuring rate:0.5 to 15 s
Thermometers 1- or 2-Channel TFN 520 / TFN 530  ebro
Thermometers 1- or 2-Channel TFN 520 / TFN 530  ebroThermometers 1- or 2-Channel TFN 520 / TFN 530  ebro    
DescriptionSpecificationPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
1-channel thermometerLEMO connection, TFN 52015718041-141.30Order
1-channel thermometerSMP connection, TFN 520-SMP15718077-141.30Order
2-channel thermometerLEMO connection, TFN 53015718078-203.40Order
2-channel thermometerSMP connection, TFN 530-SMP15718079-203.40Order
Penetration probeTPN 211, K-Type, SMP15718080-113.40Order
Paddle probe, TPN 341, K-Type, SMP 15718081-156.60Order
Rod probe, Ø 3 mmNL 185 mm, LEMO, TPN 14015718042-76.50Order
Surface probe, up to 500 °CNL 130 mm, TPN 360, LEMO, 1 m, silicone cable15718045-299.70Order
Penetration probe, up to 500 °CNL 100 mm, TPN 230, LEMO, 1 m, silicone cable15718044-217.80Order
EB 02 15718043-81.00Order
* Shows temperature difference.