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96 Well Filter Plates

PS. Corning® filter plates meets the proposed SBS standard footprint. The design of the nozzle prevents cross-contamination. They can be used in a vacuum apparatus as well as in a centrifuge.

Glass fiber filter plates:
Can be used for a variety of applications, e. g., plasmid isolation, DNA purification or receptor / ligand binding assays.

Hydrophilic PVDF membrane:
For protein kinase assays or for bead or resin-based separation assays.
96 Well Filter Plates  Corning®
Pore size
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Filter plate with PVDF membranewhiteno3500,2050CORN3504-1,268.64Order
Filter plate with PVDF membranewhiteyes3500,2050CORN3505-1,268.64Order
Filter plate with glass fibre filterwhiteno3500,2550CORN3510-1,244.16Order
Filter plate with glass fibre filterwhiteno3500,6650CORN3511-1,341.81Order