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96 Well Microtitration Plates

96 well microtitration plates, PS, clear
  • Standard plates with flat bottom have the total well volume of 360 µl.
  • Recommended working volumes of 75 to 200 µl.
  • Clear solid half area microtitration plates have well volume of 190 µl, working volume of 25 to 125 µl.
  • Cell culture plates (TC) are sterilised by gamma radiation and certified nonpyrogenic.
  • Corning® CellBIND® Surface increases surface wetability for more even and consistent cell attachment.

96 well microtitration plates, PS, solid black and white
  • Designed to reduce well-to-well crosstalk.
  • White plates enhance luminescent signals and have low background luminescence and fluorescence.
  • Black plates have low background fluorescence and minimise light scattering.
  • Solid black and white half area microtitration plates have well volumes of 190 µl, working volumes of 25 to 125 µl.
  • Tissue culture treated plates (TC) are sterilised by gamma radiation and certified nonpyrogenic.
  • NBS microtitration plates have a nonionic hydrophilic well surface, and are ideal for minimising protein binding in homogeneous assays.
96 Well Microtitration Plates  Corning®
96 Well Microtitration Plates  Corning®96 Well Microtitration Plates  Corning®    
DescriptionColourWell shapeTreatmentLidSterileQty. /
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Half area platesclearflathigh bindnono25100CORN3690-416.25Order
Half area platesclearflatnot treatednono25100CORN3695+398.03Order
Standard platesclearflatCorning® CellBIND® Surfaceyesyes550CORN3300-225.14Order
Half area platesclearflatTC-treatedyesyes20100CORN3697-461.39Order
Half area platesblackflatnot treatednono25100CORN3694+438.84Order
Half area platesblackflatNBSnono25100CORN3686-979.88Order
Half area plateswhiteflatnot treatednono25100CORN3693-470.52Order
Half area plateswhiteflatTC-treatedyesyes20100CORN3688+689.76Order
Half area platesclearflatTC-treatedyesyes5050CORN3696-238.28Order