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Microlitre Syringes, Series 1700 / 1000

Gas tight microlitre syringes with removable needle. Length of needle 51 mm. Spare plunger available.
Microlitre Syringes, Series 1700 / 1000  HAMILTON
TypeBevel typeNeedlePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
101701 RN2 (12°)5.221 69215221487-57.01Order
251702 RN2 (12°)5.221 69315221488-61.64Order
501705 RN2 (12°)5.221 69315221489-61.64Order
1001710 RN2 (12°)5.221 69315221490-65.60Order
2501725 RN2 (12°)5.221 69515221491-65.51Order
5001750 RN2 (12°)5.221 69515221492-65.51Order
10001001 RN2 (12°)5.221 69415221493-90.81Order
25001002 RN2 (12°)5.221 69415221494-96.59Order
50001005 RN2 (12°)5.221 69415221495-93.29Order
2501725 RNR3 (90°)5.221 60415421475-65.60Order
5001750 RNR3 (90°)5.221 60415421476-65.60Order