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Alex Davis, Managing DirectorAlex Davis, Managing Director
Saint Gobain 

ISO-Versinic Tubing (Viton)
Saint Gobain

Synthetic fluorocarbon polymer. Exceptional chemical resistance against hydrocarbons (aromatic and aliphatic), oils, strong acids, oxidising agents, chlorine-containing solvents. Well suited for transporting corrosive liquids.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and bending strength.
  • Good ozone and radiation resistance.
  • Density: 1.9.
  • Temperature range: - 15 to + 200 °C (briefly to + 300 °C).
  • Sold as PU of 5 m.
  • Other PU's (25 or 50 m) are availabe by request.
ISO-Versinic Tubing (Viton)  Saint Gobain
Innen-Ø mmØ
Wall thickness
MaterialDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
1.503.000.75FPMshore hardness 67 ± 555205723-63.01Order hardness 67 ± 555205701-90.88Order hardness 67 ± 555205702-111.08Order hardness 67 ± 555205703-117.13Order hardness 72 ± 555205724-178.03Order hardness 72 ± 555205704-152.19Order
5.0010.002.50FPMshore hardness 72 ± 52505205725-9,193.50Order hardness 72 ± 555205705-176.36Order
6.0010.002.00FPMshore hardness 72 ± 555205726-243.16Order
6.0012.003.00FPMshore hardness 72 ± 555205727-408.83Order
7.0010.001.50FPMshore hardness 72 ± 555205706-202.07Order
8.0011.001.50FPMshore hardness 72 ± 555205728-248.67Order
8.0012.002.00FPMshore hardness 72 ± 555205707-305.53Order
10.0014.002.00FPMshore hardness 72 ± 555205708-361.80Order
12.0017.002.50FPMshore hardness 72 ± 555205709+534.17Order
* Breaking elongation: > 240 %.
** Breaking elongation: > 180 %.