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Alex Davis, Managing DirectorAlex Davis, Managing Director
Saint Gobain 

Tygon® LMT-55® Standard Pump Tubing, 2 Riders
Saint Gobain

Laboratory- and vacuum tubing without plasticiser DEHP. Handles most inorganic chemicals found in the laboratory. Non-oxidative, non-contaminating and less permeable than rubber tubing. The vitreous smooth inner surface prevents deposits and eases cleaning.
  • Flexible, durable and tearproof.
  • Crystal clear.
  • With 2 colour-coded stoppers.
  • Length: 381 mm.

Typical applications:
General laboratory works,analytical instruments, peristaltic- and vacuum pumps; ideal for condensers, incubators, desiccators, gas mains and dewatering pipes.
Tygon® LMT-55® Standard Pump Tubing, 2 Riders  Saint Gobain
Innen-Ø mmNo. Of clampsDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
0.132orange / black125208201-50.54Order
0.192orange / red125208202-50.54Order
0.252orange / blue125208203-50.54Order
0.382orange / green125208204-50.54Order
0.442green / yellow125208221-50.54Order
0.512orange / yellow125208205-50.54Order
0.642orange / white125208206-50.54Order
0.762black / black125208207-50.54Order
0.892orange / orange125208208-50.54Order
0.952white / black125208223-50.54Order
1.022white / white125208209-50.54Order
1.092white / red125208224-50.54Order
1.142red / red125208210-50.54Order
1.222red / grey125208225-50.54Order
1.302grey / grey125208211-50.54Order
1.422yellow / yellow125208212-50.54Order
1.522yellow / blue125208219-50.54Order
1.652blue / blue125208213-50.54Order
1.752blue / green125208226-50.54Order
1.852green / green125208214-50.54Order
2.062purple / purple125208215-50.54Order
2.292purple / black125208216-50.54Order
2.542purple / orange125208217-50.54Order
2.792purple / white125208218-50.54Order
3.172black / white125208222-50.54Order