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Coloured Snap-It Closures With Prefitted Septa

For snap-cap vials, wide opening.
  • Ø 11 mm.
Coloured Snap-It™ Closures With Prefitted Septa  Kleinfeld
TypeColourPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
PE softnatural1005003533-6.25Order
PE Star Slitnatural10005003534-79.88Order
PTFE sealingnatural1005003535-15.54Order
PTFE sealingred1005003536-15.54Order
PTFE sealingblue1005003537-15.54Order
PTFE sealinggreen1005003538-15.66Order
PTFE sealingyellow1005003539-15.66Order
PTFE / rubber sealingnatural1005003540+18.72Order
PTFE / rubber sealingred1005003541-18.35Order
PTFE / rubber sealingblue1005003542-18.35Order
PTFE / silicone sealingnatural1005003545-21.42Order
PTFE / silicone sealingred1005003546-20.67Order
PTFE / silicone sealingblue1005003547-21.42Order
PTFE / silicone sealinggreen1005003548-20.68Order
PTFE / silicone-white / slit sealingnatural1005003550-32.55Order
PTFE / silicone-white / slit sealingred1005003551-32.30Order
PTFE / silicone-white / slit sealingblue1005003552-32.55Order
PTFE / silicone-white / slit sealinggreen1005003553-32.30Order
PTFE / silicone-white / slit sealingyellow1005003554-32.30Order
PTFE / silicone / PTFE sealingnatural1005003555-30.58Order
PTFE / silicone / PTFE sealingred1005003556-29.98Order
PTFE / silicone / PTFE sealingblue1005003557-30.72Order
PTFE / silicone / PTFE sealinggreen1005003558-30.58Order
PTFE / silicone / PTFE sealingyellow1005003559-29.98Order