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Homogenisers, DUALL®

Combines both conical and cylindrical surfaces to effectively reduce tissue and produce a uniform homogenate. Homogenising efficiency is greatly improved when this tube is used.
  • Construction is strong enough to allow the pestle to be motor driven.
  • Clearance between pestle and tube is 0.1 to 0.15 mm.
  • Replacement components are available and completely interchangeable.

Homogenisers, DUALL® with glass pestle: ideal for connective tissue such as muscle, heart and lung.

Homogenisers, DUALL® with PTFE pestle: ideal for soft tissue as brain or liver.
Homogenisers, DUALL®  Kimble
Homogenisers, DUALL®  KimbleHomogenisers, DUALL®  Kimble    
Pestle overall
x outer Ø
Mortar overall
x outer Ø
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
1155 x 4.580 x 13with glass pestle15651637-117.39Order
3210 x 6120 x 16with glass pestle15651638-117.39Order
5228 x 6150 x 18with glass pestle15651639-120.35Order
15268 x 6175 x 25with glass pestle15651641-136.90Order
30305 x 10215 x 32with glass pestle15651642-143.89Order
50330 x 10225 x 38with glass pestle15651643-182.67Order
1155 x 4.580 x 13with PTFE pestle15430081-96.05Order
3210 x 6120 x 16with PTFE pestle15430082-96.05Order
5228 x 6150 x 18with PTFE pestle15430083-107.63Order
15268 x 6175 x 25with PTFE pestle15430084-122.26Order
30305 x 10215 x 32with PTFE pestle15430085-142.42Order
50330 x 10225 x 38with PTFE pestle15430086-203.15Order